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thenightcourt's Journal

The Adepts of Naamah
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This is a Role Play community based on the books Kushiel's Dart and Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey.
The role play is going to involve Adepts of the Night Court, and Patrons. These are characters that are going to be created by you all individualy, but based on the ideals of the night court. I don't want anyone using any of the characters from the actual books, because of the fact that people could get angry at other peoples interpretations of them, and jealous because they don't get to use that character.

You can create as many characters as you want. Post a bio of each new character before you introduce them. Try not to use other peoples characters without their permission, to avoid angering people.

The Thirteen Houses of the Night Court are -

Cannon: modesty

Cannon: compassion

Canon: financial gain, wagering

Canon: Perfection

Canon: Pale Fragility
First of the houses
Founded by Enedial Vintesoir
Dowayne of the house represents the Night Court on the city Judiciary
Old house of Cecilie Laveau-Perrin

Canon: Regality

Canon: Song and Performance
Sponsors players, poets, artists, musicians, dancers, tumblers, and clothiers
repository of lore and learning
house of Favrielle no Eglantine

Canon: mystic purity of spirit
seek visions, interpret dreams
many adepts become priests of Elua
houes of Raphael Murain no Gentian

Canon: Love

Canon: Pleasure, sensuality
house of Liliane de Souverain

Canon: algolagnia (inflicting pain) Domintarices
reciprocal agreement with Valerian House
Uses the signale

Canon: Amusement, Joy

Canon: algolagnia (experienceing pain)
Motto: "I yield"
Reciprocal agreement with Madrake House
uses the signale
probable house of Phedre had she not be indentured to Dealaunay

Make sure that any character you create matches the Canon of the house that you wish them to belong to, both in attitude, and physicaly.

I will delete anything I find offensive, i.e. poor treatment of others in the community, etc. So be careful.