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Tarot Cards
Page of Wands I am the shadow on the dark side of the moon, the wind that caresses the willow leaves, and the movement in the night that protects you as you sleep. I am Nightshade and I\'m sworn to protect. I am the last and I will fight to the death.
Divinatory Meanings: This card signifies the solitary loves and losses of an individual. When given to you upright this card means undying devotion and open minded love for you in all your aspects.
Reversed: When reversed this card symbolizes a single minded love and almost obsession for a vision of you, perhaps not who you really are.
Astrological sign: Leo: + In being a Leo you are given the aspects of being a leader, Loving Parent, mischevious lover, and proud of who you are. - You may also tend to be lazy, vane, and dogmatic.

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