Love As Thou Wilt (dominanefret) wrote in thenightcourt,
Love As Thou Wilt

Ceandre nó Eglantine Episode 4 - 2 days before Midwinter Masque.

"Illyana! Come here!" At my call I hear footsteps gracefully running down the hallway. Suddenly Illyana bursts in to the room, only very slightly out of breath.
"Oh, Elua! I was so worried about my patron I
completely forgot about the Masque! do you have ANYTHING that owould work?"
I took several glances at her and grabbed a bunch of appropriate bolts of clothing off of my shelves.
"Strip" I commanded.
"well, i don't want you to go to tooo mcuh trouble...." Illyana said, elegantly removing her clothing.
"oh don't worry about it!" I sad "I have an entire two days to whip up
something fabulous! Now Turn around"
"I'm thinking something... green.." I say as I start draping bolts of different fabrics over Illyana's naked body, making mental notes in my mound about her measurements, and which colors look best on her.
"a nature theme maybe?"
"I have an Idea! Leaves!"
"what are you talking about? We can't make a dres out of leaves!" Illyana says, winking at me jokingly. I run with it.
"not real leaves silly" I say, running my fingers across the soft skin of Illyana's back. "silk leaves."
Illyana takes an involuntary shiver.
"hey! That tickled! Silk leaves sound.....
"I'm thinking a green flowing silk skirt, and a top made of a series
of silken leaves sewn on to a bolt of fabric that cover one shoulder, your
cheast, and weaves around to your back..." I run my fingers over each section of her body as I talk about it.
"mmmm...... it's your masterpiece m'dear... go with it!
I'm just the dress-up doll" Illyana said, sighing deeply.
"okay, stand still"
Illyana stood straight up as I started wrapping grin silk around her waist, and letting it flow to the floor. I start snipping where I need to, and pinning where I need to. Whenever I put a pin in a I felt like touching the pale smoothness of her skin. It began to grow a bit distracting. I think it's about time I get debuted, before I start getting distracted like this during every fitting, and start sticking people with pins. I fumble and drop a pin that was holding the fabric together and the skirt falls around Illyana's ankles.
"What happened? do you need help?" Illyana said squeeling, a slight color coming up to her cheeks.
"I think you are just too distracting." I say blushing for the
first time in front of my friend. This WAS the first time I had seen her
"oh.... well..." Illyana blushes deeper, and cuts off, not knowing how to continue. We both stand in my fitting room just looking at each other for awhile when Illyana speaks.
"well.. let me put some clothes on and you can pin them over my
trousers, alright?"
"oh, no, it's okay... if you want you can go, I'll be able to work
from memory from now on
"o...k? Call down to my room if you need any help" A shy smile spreads over Illyana's sweet face as she starts to turn to leave. I reach up and kiss her lightly before allowing her to continue on.
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