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The Adepts of Naamah's Journal
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Thursday, November 5th, 2009
7:52 am
New Kushiel MU*
There is a new Kushiel MU* RPG just opening up! Come join us in the world of Terre d'Ange!

http://www.kushielsdebut.org If your interested, please stop by!
Saturday, April 5th, 2008
3:19 pm

We really need members for the RP section!

[Come and check us out!]
Sunday, November 4th, 2007
12:31 pm
Welcome to Terre d'Ange MUSH

Those who have wished to remain true to the vision of Ms. Carey have created a wonderful RPG here:

terre.mudmagic.com port 4201

We invite any and all to come and join us in this most exciting game and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
1:48 pm
Hi there Carey fans! I wanted to invite those of you who are interested in roleplaying games as well as fantastic fantasy novels (clearly you must be the second!) to come and join us on KushielMUX, an interactive and immersive RPG that the author herself plugged on her October website update!

KushielMUX is a roleplaying game based on the Kushiel's Legacy series, where people interact via "poses" (essentially a paragraph of text describing what your character is doing, thinking, saying, and so on) and craft a niche for themselves in an interactive game world. You can either download what's called a "MU* client" or "telnet client" or use Telnet.exe itself, found in c:\windows (but the clients are much better). Our Wiki holds a full and detailed explanation on how to connect to the game and begin playing.

Our game, in specific, is high political intrigue mixed with large, arcing plots and stories. It's set 150 years after the end of the Kushiel's Legacy series. Things have changed somewhat - the Skaldi have become slightly more civilized, the Caerdicci have become more xenophobic, and there's a brewing war between the Hazaran (Mongols) and the Hanzu (Chinese) that threatens to spill over into the West. The last of the Courcel line has died out with whispers of scandal attached, and a new royal family was just crowned to continue the the country's tradition of monarchy. How well they will be received is anyone's guess!

Interested in playing? It's incredibly fun and can be quite immersive. Our Wikipedia page shows full and simple explanations on how to get started and how to play, and there's a ton of help files in the game itself. Our staff is also friendly and experienced, and will help you with everything you need.

Our Wiki page is here: http://kushiel.wikispaces.com
To connect in one fell swoop, you can click here: telnet://kushiel.dreamspheres.net:7448

Tell them Athenais sent you!
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
1:52 pm
Jacqueline Carey Guest Appearance
I hope you will all forgive me for spreading the word this way, but I wanted to share this information with as many of Jacqueline Carey's fans as possible. Please feel free to pass this information along to other Jacqueline Carey fan groups!

August 11-13, 2006
Pi-Con (www.pi-con.org)
The Best Western Sovereign, West Springfield, MA

Guest of Honor: Jacqueline Carey
Musical Guest of Honor: Voltaire

Pi-Con is New England's newest science fiction/gaming/lifestyle convention, and we're proud to announce that for our first year, Jacqueline Carey is our confirmed Guest of Honor.

Registrations now open, reservations available.

Thanks, and hope to see you all there!

Jess Hartley
Panel Coordinator - Pi-Con 2006
piconpanels at gmail dot com
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
12:43 am
yeow, this is a long way to introduce myself.
Name: Adelaide no Eglantine
House: Eglantine, a writer
Height: 5'6.5"
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair: copper, sometimes golden and sometimes reddish
Eyes: a blue/green that will darken with my mood; my pupils are circled with gold
Age: 18
Complexion: quite fair with a smattering of freckles. I blush easily.

My father, a once-adept of Mandrake house, got me on my mother, the seventeen-year-old Servant of Namaah of Gentian house. He, an outcast lordling from the mountains of Camlach, was outcast yet again when he ignored the safe word of a patron and scarred her nigh unto disfiguration. Full of anger at his fate, he went to Gentian house to find a young girl to sate his lust and explain his unhappy destiny. She, untried in the art of pretense, told him that he was born in anger and in his own foolish rage would die. Full of rath, my father took my mother again, not yielding to her pleas for mercy. He left her bleeding in Eglantine house. While riding home, blinded by fury and cruelty, he pushed his horse and caused her to break her front leg. She fell, and with her my father. His skull cracked on the hard road; he died straight away.

Is it any wonder that my wit is my weapon, bitterness curling through me and turning my tongue to an unloving lash? I am a writer, yes, and I write the plays that reveal man's truth. My humour is biting, my smile never pure. While my mother carried me, the child of something no better than rape, she carried a deep sadness. I am born of that sadness. My mother's Gentian blood gives me the sight to see through humanity's little defenses, and my father's penchant for unkindness urges me to reveal all of the flaws that I see.

I was wanted for Mandrake house, at first. Raised in Gentian, the Dowayne watched as I told unhappy truths to my companions and watched with fascination as they cried. I am not cruel, nor was I then, but sharply curious. The Dowayne, however, saw my actions as the proper behaviour for a child of Mandrake house, and she nearly sent me there.

Fate would not have it so.

On the night before my tenth birthday, Gentian house held a fete. Many were invited - dreamers, mystics, seekers, nobles. Among those guests was a favourite of the Dowanyne of Eglantine house. He had come for inspiration, a key into the mortal soul. I was permitted to serve as I had already shown talent for visions. I carried trays of drink, the strong tea of Gentian house that clears the mind. As soon as I entered the room I was drawn to the dark-haired man who sat with paper and quill, watching all and jotting down observances. I walked to him, offering my heavy tray of dark tea.

"Visions on this night."

He looked at me, startled by my sudden appearance. "Little dreamspinner, I think?"

His name for me made me smile. "Yes, my lord."

His eyes crinkled at the corners. "I am no lord, but a Servant of Namaah and a writer of books. Do you read?"

My pride was stung - I had so much of it then. "Of course I read. I have read, and without speaking the words aloud, since I was four summers old."

"Have I offended you, dreamspinner?"

Realising my error, I blushed and looked away. "Please forgive me, my lord. Visions on this night." I proffered the tray again, hoping to run away from his gentle chiding.

"You've said that. Ah, but I see I have truly upset you now. I will take you tea and forgive your rudeness," Gladly I met his eyes. "But you must sit here with me and tell me what you think of this soiree." He gathered his writing materials and made room for me on his chaise longue.

Sitting, I said, "Yes, my lord."

"You also must not call me lord," I blushed again. "If there is any nobility in me, I hope it is in my verse. I am a child of the Night Court and will be so until I die. I only wish that what I create lives in the minds of others long after I have gone. Now, little child of visions, tell me what you see here tonight."

At first I knew not what he wanted. I began to describe the dress and the status of the guests.

"No, no," he said, patient and smiling, "Tell me what you see with this." And he touched the space between my eyes. Suddenly I felt that spot vibrate with an unknown but somehow entirely familiar force.

"Oh. Oh. Yes, I can do that."

For the remainder of the night I told the dark man with the quill what I really saw. I told him what each guest thought of the food, and of his companion. I described the pride of some and the absolute insecurity of others. Soon I began adding little snatches of dialogue - a minor lord flirting with a woman his clear superior (and making a fool of himself), the chef berating a serving boy for dropping a whole pheasant, the Dowayne fortelling the marraige of a foppish adept to his next patron, leaving out, of course, this next patron's renowned habit of spending little and saving much. All of this I told him; after a few minutes he picked up his quill and began to write. And now that I had begun, that all of these things that I could see were finally being released, I found it hard to close my mouth and staunch the flow of vision.

"Enough, dreamspinner, enough!" I turned to look at him; his parchments were covered in black ink. "We have enough here for a play. For a cycle of plays!" Thinking he was reprimanding me again, I stood to leave. "What house are you for?" I stopped.

"Mandrake. On the morrow."

He glanced at his notes. "I see why. What you speak could flay the skin from many a man." Then he touched the edge of my frilled sleeve. "But is there nothing else you would rather do? Do you truly want to give pleasure through pain?"

This I had thought about at length. "No. But I am good at it. I will earn my marque with little effort. It is what the Dowayne wishes me to do."

He stared at me for a moment, as if judging. "If you had a choice in the matter, how would you earn your marque?"

I smiled my bitter half-smile. "I would tell the truth. I would create a voice for the things that people dare not say. I would write it down, as you do, and then I would give it to the world. But I am a servant, and Namaah chooses my way."

I curtsied, and he remained silent. Picking up the tray, now with glasses full of tepid tea, I walked slowly away.

The next day, the day I was due to leave for Mandrake house, the Dowayne told me that house Eglantine had made a bid for me. And the dark haired man was in the main hall of Gentian House, holding a bundle of parchments. He placed them in my shaking hands.

On the cover was a title and a name.

"Visions of the Night" by Adelaide no Eglantine.
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
2:12 am
Name: Niella no Valerian
House: Valerian
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Slightly curly, dark brown/red
Eyes: Violet
Age: 17
Complexion: creamy skin, pink cheeks

I was born to a serving girl in a tavern in Elua's City. When I was five, my mother had to sell me to Valerian house in order to get money to keep living. I have almost completed my marque, a silver and black swirl of vines. I have no patron I favor over my others, and do not know what I am going to do once I complete my marque.
Friday, January 7th, 2005
11:21 pm
Name: Aradia de Kusheth
House: Valerian
Height: 5'5''
Wieght: 100lbs
Hair: Fine, straight, blue black, falls to bottom of my back
Eyes: Cerulean
Age: 16
Complextion: pale as a white rose with just a hint of pink
My mother was unwed. She was a local servant of Naamah in Kusheth and fell inlove with a Shahrizai man. She bore him me and then when I came to show the joy of recieving pain, she sent me to the Night Court in The City of Eula. There I was fostered at Valerian house...


wondering if I may join the rp fun?
Friday, December 10th, 2004
11:20 pm
Brief character description:

Name - Sacriphant Shahrizai no Mandrake

'Twas of his own decision, to come unto the City of Elua from Kusheth, pledging himself to Naamah and Kushiel alike, and training as an adept of Mandrake House. Recently, his marque was completed, no ornamenting his back and giving compliment to his very nature. He chose not to remain at the House, and retired early from Naamah's Service, deciding instead to settle down in the City with the 'victim' of his last assignation. Not a patron, no, but a Valerian. A boy, pale hair, skin like cream, and eyes the color of the spring violet, by the name of Narcisse. It created obvious disapproval from his family, to be sure, but no more than his choosing to leave Kusheth had in the first place.


I hope that's enough for now, but if you seek more, I have story and description aplenty. I assumed, for the most part, just by the name 'Shahrizai' you can conjure his physical appearance.
Friday, May 7th, 2004
7:40 am
Looking for a particular piece of art of Jacqueline Carey's Phedre and Melisande
Last Pennsic War I was wandering around the merchant's area and came across a positively gorgeous piece or art depicting Phedre and Melisande. I cannot recall too many details of it, but I recall it was amazingly beautiful and I wanted to own it badly. But did not at that time have the money. Now I am attempting to track it down.

Has anyone seen or heard of this piece, either online print shop type deal or only in real life? Because I want to track it down and buy a copy now that I can afford to...


Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
4:56 pm



Origins:A Daughter of a Tsigani Man and an Alban Woman, She was brought to Terre D'Ange as a young girl, sold to the Mandrake House by her mother after being left by her Father.

Description:5'6, Dark Feline eyes, and long nearly black hair kept in braids. Woad Patterns mark across her face, Could be considered a flaw by some, but put aside considering her skills in Dominance.


I was brought to Mandrake House by my Mother, She could no longer afford to keep me. No other House would take me, and she would not consider Valerian,for its reputation of violent play. Mandrake House has raised me to a level of self I may never have known other wise. I was dedicated to Naamah last winter and have known much contentment. The lash can kiss my patrons in a way, I myself cannot and I relish it.

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, October 16th, 2003
11:43 pm
a little tweaked
so I tweaked it a little, and here is my end result.
What do you guys think?

Better? Worse? Comments.

Imagine it in Red Satin
With red gloves, a black half veil, red ribbons hanging from my wrists, and the marque on my back.
Monday, October 13th, 2003
11:25 pm
So I am making my own version of Phedre's Dress for Halloween this year, and for practice I made one out of green velvet.
The final is going to be in this gorgeous red Satin, tighter in the bodice, and with a fulleer skirt and lower back.

From the front

From the back

I'm contemplating not putting the keyhole in to the final dress, but I kind of like it.

What do you guys think?

(cross posted to my personal journal, Terre_D_ange, and kushiel_trilogy
Friday, June 20th, 2003
4:12 pm
Kushiel's Quiz
Hey all,

A friend of mine put this up on quizilla today. It's a quiz for which Kushiel's Dart character you are! It's a lot of fun. I helped with the images. You can find it at:

Kushiel's Quiz

Enjoy! and...
Love As Thou Wilt
Thursday, May 15th, 2003
10:14 am
it's me!

Tarot Cards
Page of Wands I am the shadow on the dark side of the moon, the wind that caresses the willow leaves, and the movement in the night that protects you as you sleep. I am Nightshade and I\'m sworn to protect. I am the last and I will fight to the death.
Divinatory Meanings: This card signifies the solitary loves and losses of an individual. When given to you upright this card means undying devotion and open minded love for you in all your aspects.
Reversed: When reversed this card symbolizes a single minded love and almost obsession for a vision of you, perhaps not who you really are.
Astrological sign: Leo: + In being a Leo you are given the aspects of being a leader, Loving Parent, mischevious lover, and proud of who you are. - You may also tend to be lazy, vane, and dogmatic.

Make your own LiveJournal Tarot Card!
Brought to you by crossfire

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Sunday, April 20th, 2003
6:53 pm
Ceandre nó Eglantine Episode 4 - 2 days before Midwinter Masque.
"Illyana! Come here!" At my call I hear footsteps gracefully running down the hallway. Suddenly Illyana bursts in to the room, only very slightly out of breath.
"Oh, Elua! I was so worried about my patron I
completely forgot about the Masque! do you have ANYTHING that owould work?"
I took several glances at her and grabbed a bunch of appropriate bolts of clothing off of my shelves.
"Strip" I commanded.
"well, i don't want you to go to tooo mcuh trouble...." Illyana said, elegantly removing her clothing.
"oh don't worry about it!" I sad "I have an entire two days to whip up
something fabulous! Now Turn around"
"I'm thinking something... green.." I say as I start draping bolts of different fabrics over Illyana's naked body, making mental notes in my mound about her measurements, and which colors look best on her.
"a nature theme maybe?"
"I have an Idea! Leaves!"
"what are you talking about? We can't make a dres out of leaves!" Illyana says, winking at me jokingly. I run with it.
"not real leaves silly" I say, running my fingers across the soft skin of Illyana's back. "silk leaves."
Illyana takes an involuntary shiver.
"hey! That tickled! Silk leaves sound.....
"I'm thinking a green flowing silk skirt, and a top made of a series
of silken leaves sewn on to a bolt of fabric that cover one shoulder, your
cheast, and weaves around to your back..." I run my fingers over each section of her body as I talk about it.
"mmmm...... it's your masterpiece m'dear... go with it!
I'm just the dress-up doll" Illyana said, sighing deeply.
"okay, stand still"
Illyana stood straight up as I started wrapping grin silk around her waist, and letting it flow to the floor. I start snipping where I need to, and pinning where I need to. Whenever I put a pin in a I felt like touching the pale smoothness of her skin. It began to grow a bit distracting. I think it's about time I get debuted, before I start getting distracted like this during every fitting, and start sticking people with pins. I fumble and drop a pin that was holding the fabric together and the skirt falls around Illyana's ankles.
"What happened? do you need help?" Illyana said squeeling, a slight color coming up to her cheeks.
"I think you are just too distracting." I say blushing for the
first time in front of my friend. This WAS the first time I had seen her
"oh.... well..." Illyana blushes deeper, and cuts off, not knowing how to continue. We both stand in my fitting room just looking at each other for awhile when Illyana speaks.
"well.. let me put some clothes on and you can pin them over my
trousers, alright?"
"oh, no, it's okay... if you want you can go, I'll be able to work
from memory from now on
"o...k? Call down to my room if you need any help" A shy smile spreads over Illyana's sweet face as she starts to turn to leave. I reach up and kiss her lightly before allowing her to continue on.
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